Is Taste of the Wild Southwest Canyon Formula Good for Chihuahuas?

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    Hello all, I have two adult, male Chihuahuas that are both right around 5lbs each. I fed them Innova since we brought them home at 8 wks – first the puppy small bites and then the adult small bites and they were perfect on that. I used to order it online and then got it at PetSmart until PetSmart stopped selling it a few months ago due to all of the recalls. My dogs never got sick on the Innova and their coats were always shiny and healthy and they always had plenty of energy. I’ve been feeding them Blue Buffalo Small Breed Wilderness formula since February and they’ve been shedding a lot and their coats aren’t as soft. I want to switch them to a diet that’s more beneficial to them. I’ve been thinking about switching them to Taste of the Wild Southwest Canyon formula. Does anybody have any experience with this dog food or have any suggestions as to what would be better for them? Thanks so much!

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    The only problem I have with TOTW is that they are owned and made by Diamond, which is a company that is known for recalls. I’d feel much more comfortable with Innova and their recall than with TOTW and all of Diamonds recalls.

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    Thanks BCnut. I’m really considering switching back since they did so well on it before. I was just trying to avoid having to have it shipped to me. 🙁 Se la vie! Thanks again!

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    You might look into Horizon Amicus and Nature’s Logic or Nature’s Variety Instinct or Back to Basics. These are are really tiny kibbles.

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    Thanks, Sandy; I’ll check them out!

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    Have you given Victor Grain Free a thought? It is small kibble and it uses sweet potato as a binder like Taste of the Wild. I’ve been feeding my dogs the grain free joint health for a couple of months now and they are doing great. Good luck!

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