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    I have a 12 year old boxer/pit mix. I have had her since she was a 6 week old tiny, runty rescue. She has always maintained an deal body weight for her, of 60 lbs. She has never had a sensitive stomach or issues with food and has eaten all kinds of different higher quality brands of kibble and canned. She has no known health concerns (other than several small lipomas on her chest and neck and one very large one on the right side of her neck. It was removed when she was about 8 years old, but since it was down in her shoulder muscle the Dr. was not able to get all of it and it slowly came back over the course of the next year and has since continued to grow slowly. It does not bother her at all and since her first surgery was so invasive her Dr. does not want to remove it again unless it starts causing her problems.) She has definitely slowed down quite a bit in the past year or so and wants to mostly sleep. She will run around in the back yard with our 2 year old doodle every morning and evening and has a blast, but only has about 20 minutes or so in her and is done. Her last vet checkup was great, her blood work was wonderful and she had no signs of arthritis or hip problems. But I have noticed she seems a little less stable on her feet lately and will occasionally fall up or down the deck stairs, but maybe this is just normal for her age ? (like when older people get weaker and more frail) I was wondering if a senior dog food and joint supplements might be better for her? I was not sure about the senior food since she is in no way over weight. Her coat has gotten a bit dull lately too. Just wondering what I can do to help my old girl age gracefully.

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    Skip the senior food. A lot of them have reduced amounts of protein and that is the opposite of what a senior needs. Keep her on a good quality food with good quality proteins in it and you might want to add some fish oil, as well as the joint supplement. Don’t bother with a food that advertises that it has a joint supplement in it, they don’t actually have a therapeutic dose, so it would do little good. There are a few people here with senior dogs that will chime in with what else you can do to help your old gal.

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    Agree with Patty,

    Seniors need more quality protein and most “senior” foods have a reduced amount of protein and an increased amount of fillers or grains which are actually more inflammatory. There are some exceptions like Amicus Senior, Merrick Classic Senior, Orijen, Blue Buffalo Wilderness Senior and a few others. But I would stick with an “all life stage” food with at least 30% protein.

    There are several options to help with joints: green lipped mussel, omega 3, tumeric, Wysong Arthegic, Actiflex 4000, glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin, tart cherry, Esterifiedd fatty acids like cetyl-myristoleate, Yucca

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    I agree with Sandy & Patty. I did use Eagle Senior care years back but I don’t now.

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    Hi there. I have quite a few seniors and none of them get senior food on a regular basis. the one exception isOrijen as its a lower fat level and I can feed it solo if I wish. Other than that, they get a solid quality all life stage food. My crew gets probiotics on occasion and fish oil added, but nothing else(other than various toppers) I personally think the senior formulas as Marie, sandy and Patty said are too low in protein for older dogs. I stick with approx. 30-33 percent in the kibble

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