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    Hi. My Mabel is an old English sheepdog and just turned 1 at the end of March. We’ve been feeding her a raw diet since she came home at 8 weeks. Initially, she started with commercial raw dehydrated and freeze-dried. Then we got the hang of things and have fed her fresh raw ever since.

    Mabel has stopped eating or reluctantly so. She’s just as happy and playful as always. Just not eating. She does seem to have filled out – I haven’t been able to feel her ribs at all in the last month. Being a very active puppy, we had been feeding her 3% of her expected adult body weight (65 lbs). Because if the added weight, we are cutting back to 2.5%. I’m afraid to fast her because 1) her age and 2) she’s due to be spayed in the next few weeks.

    Should I be concerned? Should I change anything?

    Thank you!

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    Take the dog to a veterinarian, asap.

    You may want to rethink the raw diet.

    Hope this helps

    PS. There are no veterinary health care professionals at this site and even if there were they have not examined your dog.

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    I’d prob go down to 2% until you can feel ribs again. She is pretty much an adult at this point. She may fill out a tad more. When you have her spayed ask the vet to check to see if she has anything solid feeling in her gut to make sure no instructions have occurred. Be sure the only bones you’re feeding are soft non weight bearing bones. I know some people fast one day a week to let their dogs digestive system empty and reset. You may try that. Is she not eating anything at all for days at a time?? If so I’d be concerned about something else going on. If she’s just eating less I would lessen her food amount.

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    Hi Mabels mom,
    I don’t understand, does she eat at all?? or just eats 1 meal a day?

    Dogs are very smart & know when to stop eating if unwell etc
    In Australia we are told to fast our dogs 1 day a week, Sunday is fast day..
    Fasting creates and maintains a strong immune system is an important part of good health. Toxins like vaccines, wormers, drugs and processed foods all present a challenge to the immune system, making our dogs more susceptible to disease and parasites.
    The dog’s digestive system does much more than simply digest food. Approximately 80% of your dog’s immunity is found in his gut.
    The dog’s intestinal tract has the ability to identify and destroy alien substances such as bacteria, viruses, parasites and chemical toxins.
    It also has a built-in memory to recall the specific type of invader next time it presents a threat.

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    A sudden change in appetite or behavior is always a red flag that something may be medically wrong
    Again, see your veterinarian for an examination and diagnosis.

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