Is banning “artificial” ingredients based on fear or science?

Dog Food Advisor Forums Diet and Health Is banning “artificial” ingredients based on fear or science?

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    Member excerpt below, click on link for full article

    “The best way to protect pets’ health is to rely on sound scientific evidence to help us weigh the risks and benefits of the food and medicine we provide, not to cater to fears like chemophobia and meaningless distinctions such as “natural” and “artificial.” Table 1[2] provides a partial list of the sources, regulatory approvals, and evidence for safety and potentially beneficial effects of the items on the Petco blacklist. This is not a comprehensive review, simply an illustration that the items on this list are often “natural,” are judged by government experts around the world to be safe as used in food for humans and animals, and may have beneficial uses offsetting any risk they may present.
    Veterinarians have a responsibility to support and educate pet owners and to challenge unscientific, fear-based marketing ploys. The movement toward dangerous “natural” practices like feeding raw diets and avoiding vaccination is a real threat to animal welfare, and it is exacerbated by companies, regardless of industry, seeking market advantage through capitalizing on misconceptions and fear.”

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