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    I apologize in advance if this post gets long winded or it seems as though I’m rambling,my head is literally spinning with info and details and I need some one to hopefully point me in the right direction. I found out today that my dogs mast cell cancer has come back and has metastasized,I have to wait a few days for the aspirate results to come back but the vet is certain that’s what is going on,prognosis is poor,with our only options being chemo or nonconventional treatments, I’m leaning more towards the nonconventional treatment,however. On to my question,I’m doing a ton of research and am very interested in switching her diet,so far I’ve looked into raw and ketogenic. Every site seems to have their own idea as to what is acceptable to feed a dog with cancer and what isn’t,the biggest debate being whether a dog with cancer should eat a raw meat diet,some say yes some say absolutely not due to their weakened immune system. I’m so confused where to even start,does anyone have any experience with either diets in their own dogs with cancer? I want the best for my baby and I want to give her the best fighting chance I can even though the odds are stacked against her,please someone point me in the right direction?! Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer.

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    Consult a specialist if you think there is any chance that aggressive treatment may increase her chances for survival for more than a few months.
    Otherwise, I would work closely with your vet to do everything possible to keep the dog comfortable.
    You did not mention the dog’s age, overall condition, etc.
    Only a vet that examines your dog and knows her history can advise you accordingly.
    Please don’t be fooled by homeopathic scams.
    Often dogs that have cancer are nauseous, raw food is disgusting, the last thing I would want to eat if I was sick. Not to mention the risk of salmonella.
    If you are receptive to science based veterinary medicine go here http://skeptvet.com/Blog/?s=cancer
    Hope this helps. Best of luck.
    Ps: This is not veterinary advice; consult your veterinarian.

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    Believe & have faith in your dog & go natural, 2017 dog’s are more sick now then they were back in 1970’s to 1990’s back then we feed table scrapes leftovers home cooked meals what ever you want to call it & our dogs lived longer & didn’t have all these health problems like they have today, allergies, cancer, skin problems the list goes on & on…
    My boxer had Mast Cell Tumors high grade 2 cancer & back in 2008 the internet wasn’t like it is today we have so MUCH help & info now….. I listen to my vet & my Angie suffered more then she should have, I wish I knew what I know now..

    Have you looked into the “Ketopet” diet?? Ketopet started to rescued pound dogs that had cancer these dog were rescued from pounds all over America, the results were astounding, these dogs had terminal cancer now had a new lease on life & they had to find them all new homes, their video made me cry, 1, how their owners just gave up on them & threw them away, dumped them in a pound to die & 2, the smiles on these once very sick dogs now running around acting puppies, it’s unbelievable how changing a dogs diet can be the difference between life & death… are you following “Rodney Habib” on his face book page?? https://www.facebook.com/rodneyhabib

    here’s a link on about dog called Cali she had Hemangiosarcoma an aggressive cancer..
    here’s the proof that raw diet works… have faith…

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    Hello Susan,thank you so much for the response! I am actually already following Rodney Habib,Ketopet and Karen Becker on FB I think their take on the canine cancer epidemic is truly groundbreaking. My only issue seems to be that I’m finding it difficult to find an actual dog food recipe to follow and try with my girl,it’s not really outlined anywhere on Ketopet’s website,I guess that’s the confusing part for me,I have no idea what to feed her,how much etc.? I was thinking of trying her on EVO since its high protein,low carb and then just adding in fresh veggies and supplements but I’m not sure the processed kibble would be doing her any good. It’s all just so overwhelming 🙁

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    a c

    My 10 years old miniature schnauzer passed away 3 months ago to Lymphoma. He was getting chemotherapy but passed away less than 2 months. He didn’t have much appetite when he was on chemo even with appetite stimulants. I have tried to feed him some organic raw meat and that’s pretty much all he ate other than some of his favorite treats and Caesar wet dog food. Unfortunately, the vet oncologist was really against the idea of feeding him raw meat, so we stop it.

    You probably need to talk to your vet oncologist and see they are for the idea of raw diet.

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    can you afford to see a diet nutritionist they will make a special diet for your dogs needs…
    Dr Karen Becker is releasing her new book soon, which is going to have special diets for health problems like cancer etc but you need a diet now… I went thru a animal Naturopath for my boy when he was put on a raw diet for his IDB & skin allergies…. You need high fat moderate protein & low carbs, I think turkey is the best meat to use or Kangaroo…
    Have you email Ketopets & ask questions & ask do they do special raw diet for dogs with Mast Cell cancer? Kibble is very high in carbs & cancer loves a sugar carb diet that’s how it thrives, with Mast Cell cancer it can put pressure on the stomach & can trigger increased intestinal mobility, my boxer had acid reflux & pooing black poo’s & vomiting blood, the first vet told me to put her on a cooked lean diet Chicken diet but then I had to see another vet cause the first vet didn’t have the Endoscope camera 1st vet thought she was vomiting, the vomit had streaks of blood she had an ulcer, this was the worse thing I ever did seeing the second vet, all he believed in was his science, he put my dog on the Hills Z/d vet diet & poor Angie got worse up all night crying in bad pain after eating the Z/d kibble, I told the new vet, the Z/d has made things worse, he said oh she’s probably spoilt & crying for attention, when you feel the vet isn’t any good RUN away…. now I know not to feed high carb diet, I read the carbs % in the Hills Z/d & it’s 60% carbs, she probably couldn’t digested the hard kibble it was causing pain….

    Have you looked at “Wysong” formula’s they do a freeze dried raw or Epigen high protein & starch free wet tin food… here’s their site to have a look around.. http://www.wysong.net/epigen-canned

    also “Ziwi Peak” raw wet tin food it smells beautiful, I feed my cat the Ziwi Peak air dried & raw wet tin food sometimes…

    Also look at “Balance It” https://secure.balanceit.com/
    Balance it do special diets & make the Balance It powder to balance a cooked diet, I don’t know if balance can be used in raw diet?? you’d have to contact them, even Dr Karen Becker does consults, I did Patches consult first thru email & told the Naturopath all his health problems, then when I thought she knows what she is taking about I made appointment for a phone call or I could of done a Skype consult, she rung me & spoke for 1 hr, it cost me $60, it was cheaper then a vet visit & she made an easy to follow special home made raw diet with fresh ingredients from supermarket, for Patches IBD & I just emailed for any help afterwards… she said NO to all the premade raw diets, they’re a bit like kibble you don’t know what your getting & where the ingredients came from…with a home made raw or cooked diet you have better control & you know where the meat comes from best to use organic raw meat….

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    NO. Raw is about the worst thing you could do, as dogs with cancer have a compromised immune system and cannot handle the bacteria in raw meat. There is also a risk of high fat and protein accelerating tumor growth. Certain carbs DO feed off simple sugars, but then again, so do all healthy cells. Furthermore, I have personally seen raw fed dogs with cancer develop secondary issues, namely, hypothyroidism, related to the long-term suppression of immune system function. Lightly cooked, lean meats heavy on veg and with small amounts of complex carbohydrates, supplemented with Omega 3, is probably your best bet for a cancer management diet.

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    Hi KodaHappyTails-

    I’m very sorry to hear about your dog’s diagnosis. If it were my dog, I would not feed raw. I do like Susan’s idea of checking out balanceit.com. They will help you formulate homemade cooked recipes appropriate for your dog. I make my dogs a meal once or twice a month using a recipe I made on their site along with a supplement that they sell to make it complete and balanced. Best wishes to you and your dog.

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    Hi KodaHappyTails,

    So sorry to learn of your dogs illness. I lost one of my dog at the age of 14 possible from her Mast Cell disease. She was diagnosed ~ 7 years prior and treated twice with Chemo therapy. Her oncologist said she’d never had a dog with such extensive Mast Cell cancer do so well for so long. I didn’t change her diet, she ate a therapeutic low fat diet made by Eukaneuba probably about 50%-60% carb calories with fresh fruits and vegetables.

    My sister’s dog survived Lymphoma, the only dog I’ve ever known that survived that disease. She was feeding Iams Mini chunk before the diagnosis and continued to feed that through Chemo and recovery.

    Cancer cells do preferentially utilize glucose but I don’t think a low carb diet or a ketogenic diet influences growth to any appreciable degree as the glucose levels in the blood will remain within a narrow range. There are some weak published studies in mouse model brain cancer and a ketogenic diet but it is a large leap from that to application of cancers of other types in other species.

    Personally I think the KetoPet group is after a money grab. They haven’t published anything in a peer reviewed journal. I think ultimately they are going to try and generate a lot of hype through their unsubstantiated reporting and then market a diet to pet owners and this is why you won’t find any information on the diet on their site. If you want to feed a ketogenic diet Purina makes Brightmind and Neurocare.

    I see no advantage to feeding a raw diet. The safest way to do this if you elect to do so is to use a commercial HPP product The only one I’d consider is Nature’s Variety

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    Derik P

    When our previous dog was diagnosed with a fast-moving cancer, our vet was able to contact a holistic vet in the next county. That vet suggested a tablespoon or so of safflower oil mixed in with her food (we feed 2x a day). He had had some very good results with this. It didn’t buy her a lot of time – a few weeks maybe, but it did give us time to get used to the idea that she was approaching the end. The only side effect was, of course, the need to go out a bit more frequently. If putting it in the dog’s food isn’t a viable option, soaking the oil into a piece of bread also works.

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    Spy Car

    Raw food isn’t “disgusting.” LOL.

    Good grief. Nothing could be more natural than a dog eating fresh/or frozen whole animal-based food.

    What’s disgusting is knowing what little “meat” is in processed kibbles likely comes from products that were condemned at the slaughterhouse, including items from dead, dying, or diseased animals and contaminated by-products that are deemed unfit for human consumption.

    All these are perfectly legal (and common) ingredients in commercial kibble. As long as it gets rendered, any of these disgusting ingredients are perfectly legal for pet food manufacturers to use.

    Ther rest of the ration (the majority) is made up of cheap carbohydrates that have no essential place in a dogs diet and that contribute to ill health.

    Some of the things one reads on this forum challenge credulity.


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