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    Yazmin A


    We’ll be getting an 8 week olde English bulldog in April, he’s currently on dry food and I would like to feed him on a raw food diet. How would I go about introducing this without upsetting his stomach? And which foods are the best to start with?

    Thanks everyone

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    Will H
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    Patricia A

    Yazmin one of the important keys to not upsetting his stomach is a VERY, VERY slow transition from what the breeder has been feeding him. Meaning feed the majority of kibble as his diet mixed in with the raw a tiny bit of the time until he’s fully transitioned to the raw. I feed freeze-dried raw in different brands. Don’t know the fat content in truly raw feeding. Just know that in certain proteins/flavors my dogs have a problem if the protein is too high in fat with certain brands. I stick to the low in fat because it causes stomach upset in my small dogs. So keep this in mind if your pup has loose stools after the full transition. Good luck with your new puppy.

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    grham J

    If you want to feed a raw or cooked diet for your dog without upsetting his stomach, then have a looked at

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    Nicholas S

    Since Billinghurst’s publication, Give Your Dog a Bone, has been printed, a lot of different kinds of raw dog foods diets have emerged, such as commercially processed raw food diets which are either frozen or freeze-dried and bland diets that use mixtures of vegetables, grains, and vitamins which are blended with raw meat bought from the proprietor in the grocery store. Along with this diet, you can exercise your dog regularly at home or go out into the park.

    For exercise:

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