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    How many times a year does everyone worm their Dog, also instead of worming all the time does anyone just go vets & have a Fecal Flotation test done & is a Fecal Flotation test 100%..

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    Fecal floats are never 100 percent as they are looking for eggs.and they may not be present at that time.

    I have fecals done sporadically depending when a dog is at the vets. I deworm all the dogs here once a yr with droncit and then one cycle of strongid. But we have a lot of strange dogs coming and going frim the property so its more just in case. Btw…the heartworm preventatives deworm monthly when given.

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    Is good stool indicative of not having worms or is that not an indicator? I don’t recall worming my dogs with meds. I give them DE sometimes.

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    The only time I have seen stool affected is with coccidian and giardia. Most of the rescues that come in that have had worms have had fine stool, but I would guess that depends on the dog. If you are giving any heartworm preventatives, you are deworming monthly. For most dogs, that should be sufficient, imo.

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    Its just that everytime Ive wormed my dog he gets diarrhea thru the night & is not well the next day, cause we walk everywhere & go to dogs parks vets say I should worm him every 3 months but this time the vet said that we will just do a float test instead, its been 5 month now & I havn’t wormed him, there’s no worms in his poo but Ive read that I think its the hook or whip worm u cant see them unless under a micro scope..The vet said that Milbemax is a milder wormer we’ll try that one next time..

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    If you have access to Milbemax you aren’t in the US
    I would have no problem using it. Its the main compnent of the now discontinnued Interceptor.

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    Hookworms can cause bloody stools, whipworms can cause pale nasty smelling soft stools. The ivermectin in Heartgard only affects certain types of worms, the others have developed resistance to it, same with some of the regular wormers. It is important that you actually know what you are deworming for so that you use the right product.

    There are a few things that fecal floats are not good at detecting, so once a year I have a fecal sent to the lab for analysis. It costs around $20. I haven’t needed one of my dogs wormed in several years, except for new puppies with roundworms. However, one of my cats needs deworming regularly. She has feline herpes and so already has a challenged immune system.

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    Boone had worms once; other than that time, my dogs have never been wormed except for their heartworm preventive. They get a fecal done once a year.

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    The only time any of my dogs have ever had to be dewormed was when they were new puppies. Other than that they get a fecal exam done once a year during their annual physical. Always negative.

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