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    Sara K

    Instinct offers a puppy formula as well as a large breed puppy formula. I don’t see a review for the large breed but I am wondering what the difference is.

    I have a new Boxer puppy, and he is doing well on the puppy formula, but I have gotten conflicting information from two different vets. One says the food he is on is great, the other recommended a large breed formula and suggested hills or blue buffalo.

    I see that the puppy formula review says it is suitable for large breeds, and I don’t want to switch his food if it is unnecessary. Any information you can provide me to help me determine if I should switch his food is greatly appreciated.

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    Leslie W

    Sara – if you look at the recalls on Hills and Blue Buffalo vs. Instinct I think that will answer your question. Vets do not get courses in Vet School about nuturition. They seem to always suggest the old standbys without regard to how was the food produced and with what.

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    Jackie B

    There are currently 3 Nature’s Variety products suitable for large breed puppies on the Editor’s Choice list: /reports/type-2/ Check out that link to see the specific formulas.

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