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    My beagle was hit by a car. Have been feeding him lots of beef and chicken and rice, but very expensive. It’s been six weeks and am looking for more inexpensive alternatives. Thinking raw bones but he seldom chews…my 50 pound dork. Love him like my baby and he has lost a lot of muscle, and is still very weak in hind legs with some pain. Any suggestions on care and feeding. My vet is very uninformative and unhelpful.

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    Pelvis broken three places and is somewhat constipated.

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    My senior small breed who tends to be constipated has regular bms on Wysong Senior (soaked in water with a little cooked chicken) maybe there is more fiber in it….

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    Lisa- Very sorry for what you are going through. It seems as though you need to look for a new vet. If he did not even give you directions for after care for such a serious injury, I would be extremely concerned about that.

    I really like the Wysong products, so I think thats good advice from Red. Definitely sounds like he needs an increase in fiber to soften the stool. There is 5% fiber in the Wysong Senior. After six weeks of only eating that type of diet, I would definitely suggest finding something that is complete and balanced. You don’t want to have to worry about nutritional deficiences on top of what else he’s going through.

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    You could add a dog multivit, I like GNC products. Not sure that the dog really needs it….but you will feel better.
    I was adding it every day, now every other day, as they are all in good health at present.

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    Would canned or dehydrated make him eating more comfortable, if that’s an option for you? I’d find a new vet and consult with them on some options, unhelpful vet in a situation like that sounds pretty rough

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    Thank you, Red and Pitlove! I will try that. I just picked up a cow heart. He will enjoy that. I like the Wysong idea and will also try that.

    I fired the vet because he tried to sell me a 5k surgery to benefit his friend’s pocketbook. Then when I refused (I am broke from this vet bill. LOL) surgery he said it was best to euthanize him. I was distraught due to the pain in my dog so told him to do it and quickly. Just before the end-all needle, he said that he thinks the dog could heal on his own with care. I knew then that this vet was FOS, but didn’t say anything to him about it. But because I didn’t spend that surgical money he has been “absent” from his care.

    Tell you though, a firefighter doing 45 in a 25 hit him and has never even checked back. This was upsetting since we glorify those people.

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    I am so sorry that you have had a bad experience, I have had both….(good and bad)
    Don’t give up, there are good veterinarians out there that really do care and will work with you and understand your financial constraints.
    Be careful with the homeopathic stuff, some of it is fairy dust (imo)

    PS: Did you contact the local media? Maybe people will donate to help with your dog’s veterinary costs? The surgery may be necessary, have you consulted a specialist?

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    Staying away from “fairy dust” 🙂
    I did just talk to a firefighter that was playing in the field behind me. Asked him if he knew the man. He said he would check around. Hate to say it but don’t want to be begging for vet money so will get through it like all other things. I hope to get him to a specialist…when cash is available. Might be too late for that by that time, but I am taking good care of him. He will need to see someone soon, however. Unfortunately I haven’t signed onto any social media…not really my thing. Besides, I really don’t know many people…for real. New here and find it a very closed, cliche society (personal prob. sorry). Thanks for all the advice from everyone and will be checking back regularly.

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    Some organizations offer assistance, make some phone calls, see what is available in your neck of the woods.

    for example, in the Boston area,

    Angell offers financial assistance through the MSPCA’s Pet Care Assistance. Pet Care Assistance (PCA) was established in 1990 to support the medical care of sick or injured animals being treated at the MSPCA-Angell whose families have limited financial resources. PCA also defrays the cost of treating animals that are victims of cruelty and abuse. In 2006, the fund distributed over $363,000 to support the treatment of thousands of animals. Annual contributions, special events, and endowment income sustain the fund. For more information or to apply for financial assistance, please contact our Financial Office at (617) 541-5028 or 5030. Please note: Pet Care Assistance benefits patients and clients treated at the MSPCA-Angell only.

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    If you decide the dog needs surgery. There are always payment plans.
    And there is usually something you can give up, cable, eating out…. I gave up cable about 3 years ago, between Netflix and the local library DVDs, I don’t miss it.

    It is what it is.

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    I would like to try and start something like that in St. Louis. I will be researching. Thanks!

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    Red, you are so pleasant. I raise three kids without help. We live on the basics. But definitely a good suggestion.

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    Don’t be afraid to ask your vet for pain medication to keep your dog comfortable….something like Tramadol, maybe? Doesn’t cost much.
    Just call him, and swing by to pick up.
    PS: Talk to the vet, even if you have to wait for a call back, I have better results this way rather than talking to a vet tech.

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    Regarding the accident, was the dog off leash in an area that requires pets to be leashed?
    Unfortunately, that makes a difference. Otherwise, if you can talk to a lawyer for free, I would…maybe they (whoever caused the accident) have some responsibility toward the vet bills.

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    Red has given many great suggestions towards taking steps on helping you provide better care. I have a beagle as well and you can check my thread out I had made a few months back as my beagle was abused and also has very bad stomach issues with constipation.

    Suggestions I found that worked the best is definitely finding a great substance and well balanced food. I have been feeding Merrick’s Back Country for the past 4 months (basically since they came out with it) and he enjoys it. The thing that helps the most is what you give him with it. I have my beagle on a schedule of different things to help with his constipation. I also feed him about 2 cups of canned food on top of his dry food.

    1 TBS Coconut Oil twice a week
    1 TBS pumpkin organic, or sweet potato once a day
    2 TBS Kefir, cottage cheese, plain yogurt every few days

    The coconut oil will help with allergies, skin issues, and constipation.
    Pumpkin and Sweet potato have several health benefits, vitamins and are high in fiber
    Kefir, yogurt, both bave natural prebiotics and probiotics for the stomach

    Other things I give him once in a while are:
    Sardines or any fish cooked
    swanson soil based organisms
    Cheese cut up into bite size pieces
    Canned Green Tripe

    Now far as the legal issues go, I do agree with red that you might want to look into that as something could be done. Especially since the fireman himself was speeding. Hope this helps though and keep us updated on how things work out for ya!

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    Hi, boil some pumkin or the tin pumkin not the pie filling pumkin….. Pumkin is high in fiber & should help with his constipation, mix about 1 spoon pumkin thru all his meals, ajust as needed more or less….. with the bones make some bone broth, bone broth is excellent for dogs joints & dogs love bone broth when finished cooking freeze sections & add with meals or give by it self…

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