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    I have been looking at the ingredients in dog kibble trying to find a common demoniator in foods that don’t work for my dogs, besides grains and chicken/turkey. All have had chicken fat and,or tomato pumice. Started using Earthborn that has a couple flavors that has neither of these ingredients. After just a couple of weeks both dogs are really doing great. Made a fast transition using pumpkin and all went well so far. They had been eating some of the Earthborn in tubs as topper, so that might have been reason for ease into dry.
    Interesting some of the ingredients down on the list can cause big problems as well as the main ingredients.
    Merry Christmas!

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    I need spell check- denominator not demoninator.

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    But I like demon-inator, it makes math sound evil.

    Tomato pomace is a high histamine food, so is a likely culprit.

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    Lol,I like the demon too!

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    To me the tomato pomace would be an acid, like the fruit. (As you can tell I have a lot to learn about dog food ingredients.) One of my dogs will get a gurgling sound in his stomach which makes him feel bad. I thought it was from the fruit, but now could be tomato pomace. Also, I think the fish meal/oil in dog food is a good ingredient, but they can also get an imbalance of these ingredients also causing upset stomachs. The type and origin of ingredients is also important. With my little dogs, one dauchshund mix in particular, I have to watch the fiber or she will have anal gland issues. So far organic pumpkin does the trick. Having small dogs has really been an eye opener for me as to dog nutrition.
    Bottom line- I am a believer in food rotation to keep the balance. Thanks for everyone’s help!
    Demon really does fit!

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