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    Deborah F

    Hi there. Just got a new dog food for my bichon and chihuahua and wondering what others think on the quality of the ingredients please. They’re as follows:

    Salmon and Trout 50% (36% freshly prepared salmon, 12%trout, 12%dried salmon and 2% fish stock)
    Sweet potato 26%
    Peas and potato 6%
    Beet Pulp
    Vitamins and minerals
    Vegetable Stock
    Omega 3 supplement
    Asparagus equivalent to 7.5 kg of product (I bought a 15kg bag)
    FOS (92 mg/kg)
    MOS (23 mg/kg)

    I’d appreciate your help as a bit clueless as to whether the above is good or bad. I bought the bag from a local dog food supplier. Thanks 🙂

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    joanne l

    I would get a grain in food, b/c of the FDA warning about grain free diets maybe linked to heart disease. So the so called bad ingredients maybe in this food is the sweet potatoes, peas and potatoe. I don’t know what brand it is, but try to get grain in if you can for now. I am sure others will help you as well. Good Luck.

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    This foods a little carb heavy. I’d prefer to see it around 60-70-% meat content.
    Are u by a chance from Europe? Usually US foods don’t break the ingredients up like this.
    DCM seems to largely be an American thing with little to no reports in other countries. If you are from Europe I probably wouldn’t worry or jump to any conclusion. As the fda has stated to not switch foods without first speaking with a vet and having an echo of the heart done. Get them on a high meat food, try less processed foods like canned food, freeze dried raw, and frozen raw. Taurine is found in fresh meat and heart muscle. Not in grains or any other carb on earth.

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