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    Julia Halter

    If your dog(s) could talk, what would they say about their current food and their treats? I own two wonderful Australian Shepherds (Freddy (2) and the newest addition Perry, who’s 2). Freddy would probably stare at me all the time and be like, “Momma, momma, I really want those little crunchy things…” He loves these ‘Natural Balances Roll-A-Rounds’. Perry would just look up at his empty food bags and go, “Please momma, may I have some more?” I just recently put him on a rotational diet and he likes every new brand he gets. Would yours act the same, or differently?

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    “Give me more please!” ” I want some more!!” “Nom nom nom. Love duck neck!!” “Feed me!” “What?? Only 3 ounces!%$#!”

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    “Is that IT, can’t I have another and another and another and another.” This dog loves food!

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    Mine already talk. They say “Is it time to eat now? How ’bout now? Now? What took so long?”

    OK, it’s only body language, but it’s loud and clear!!

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