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    Brenda W

    I’m hoping someone can help me. My dog was diagnosed with IBS about 2 years ago. He quit eating, lost weight, and slept a lot. He vomited and still vomits daily. He has diarrhea a lot. I thought he was going to die. It was and still is heartbreaking. He’s on prednisone, and omeprazole. But, he still keeps getting sick everyday. I know we will be going back to the vet real soon because I can tell he’s not feeling good.

    I’ve tried a lot of foods. I get the dry kibble from the vet. It’s the easily digested kind. He doesn’t want to eat that lately at all.

    I was also boiling chicken, and ground beef for him mixed with a little rice and some vegetables but, he got tired of that. He doesn’t want to eat dog food but, I would like to try some canned dog food that’s made for dogs with this disease. Can someone please advise me on some brands to buy? Or has anyone else gone through or is going through what I am? It’s heartbreaking and scary and I don’t know what to do. Please help! He’s a very picky eater. I don’t know if he will eat the dog food. So if anyone has a good homemade dog food recipe that they could share that would help him I have the time to make his food. I will do whatever it takes to help my little friend.

    Thank you,


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    joanne l

    Brenda, so sorry to hear about your baby, what breed dog? Ask the vet about royal canine can food and tell him he doesn’t want to eat, I think there is a can dog food RX type than is for sick dogs that don’t want to eat. The only think I do know is don’t try too many different foods. Hopefully you will find one and if he does well on it don’t change it unless you have to. I hope he will be okay. And maybe someone, on here, with more experience will help you. By the way when he was eating the RX diet how did he do on it. I know you said he quit eating it but how was he on it? If he was fine on that then I would ask the vet about the can prescription food. Also, with this I don’t it is wise to try anything at the pet store right now, get the food from the vet. Brenda, I forgot to mention, ask the vet about probiotics there is one called forta flora by pro plan, they should know what it is, I am using it for my dog that was sick with food intolerance. That one has a specific probiotic in there that they say works well, also I heard people say it gives the dog an appetite.

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    Hi Brenda,

    IBS IBD is an awful disease, my Staffy Patch has IBD diagnosed thru Endoscope & Biopsies..
    Are you seeing a vet that specializes in IBD/IBS??

    You have just posted what my Patch was like when he took Predisone…

    Predisone made my boy WORSE vomiting, nausea, Diarrhea, slept all thru day, my happy go lucky Patch became worse, I knew it was the Predisone, when his vet first prescibe it the first time I said NO NO, so we tried Metronidazole again which really helps him but then Patch kept having his stomach/pancreas pain, he was lifting his right paw & wanting me to rub his stomach so I thought it was his Pancreas that was sore but test result kept saying his Pancreas was good & healthy then the vet said its his stomach from the IBD 🙁
    My vet suffers with IBD which is really good cause she knows all the symptoms..
    Then I released he was only whinging & lifting his paw after eating certin dry kibbles…
    his dry kibble can not be higher then 360 in Kcals per cup or high in fat this is when his stomach hurts…
    I’d reduce his predisone over 2 weeks, then reduce again over 2 weeks etc & stop you’ll probably see he getting a bit better, reduce slowly if he’s been on Predisone more then 2 months, google side effects dogs taking Prednisone…
    When Predisone works their poos firm up, the dog start getting better, they drink & drink water but that’s nothing compared to them being ill with IBD symptoms, my Patch didnt get better while taking predisone only worse & we started on a low dose 10mg twice a day for a 18kg/40lb dog, vet reduced down to 5mg a day, 2.5mg with breakfast 2.5mg with dinner still Patch wanst his happy self & his sloppy sloppy poo continued, vomiting stopped but he was feeling very sick & mouth licking eating grass, then once I stopped the Predisone Patch got better within 2-3 days.. Talk with your vet or start reducing the Prednisone yourself, then just explain to your vet & if you get a better result the vet normally says Ok then & my vet wrote on Patches chart he can NOT take Prednisone… Something isnt right with your poor boy nilly 2 yrs he should be getting better…

    Here’s a good F/B group to join
    “Dogs with Inflammatory Bowel Disease IBD – Raw Feeding & Holistic Support” group
    I know it says “raw feeding” but there’s people in group that cook, give vet diets etc

    Also go on “Judy Morgan DVM” F/B page & look thru her Video’s scroll down, down till you get to around August 2017 look for her “IBD Diet” I cant find it, but I am scrolling quickly
    Here’s her “Pancreatitis Diet” June 4 2017 you can leave out some ingredients it gives you ideas.. https://www.facebook.com/JudyMorganDVM/videos/1347288501986822/

    I buy lean 5 star human grade pork mince 1kg, You can buy Turkey breast mince just make sure they’re lean minces, no hamburger minces as they are very high in fat…
    I add to 1kg/2.2lbs 1 egg whisked, some fresh chopped parsley about 1 teaspoon, some broccolli heads only a few little heads chopped up broccolli heads, mix all together, later I added 1 small peeled grated carrot but that was after I knew Patch could eat the bland pork rissoles, then I started adding more ingredients but at first only add a few ingredients just incase he has food sensitivities & make the rissole balls into 1/2 cup size rissole balls & bake on foil lined baking tray, bake for 15mins in oven, take the pork rissole out & drain any fat water, then turn over the rissole balls & bake for another 15mins take out, drain any fat/water & look in middle of rissole balls are they cooked & reading, I aslo buy 1 sweet big potato, I peel & cut up into small pieces boil then cool & I freeze the sweet potato pieces & I freeze the pork rissole separate to the sweet potato, then I add 1/2 cup sweet potato & the rissole bals are 1/2 a cup, you mash the sweet potatoes thru the cut up rissole balls or I put all in a blender & blend……

    Are you feeding 4 smaller meals a day?
    also what dose of Omeprazole is your dog taking?
    My Patch just took 20mg Omeprazole in morning when he took twice a day he seem unwell & got a fermenting smell in his mouth so vet said just give the 1 x 20mg Omeprazole in morning but this March I changed his Omeprazole over to Pantoprazole x 20mg after Patch was taking the Omeprazole for 2 yrs, the Omeprazole didnt seem to be working no more & I knew the Pantoprazole works better for me as I take it..
    There’s a few PPI sometimes you need to find the right one, dont just stop the Omeprazole, never just stop a PPI, it needs to be very slowly reduced, if he’s taken Omeprazole twice a day then you can be reduced to just the 1 tablet a day thats OK its when you completly stop a PPI..

    Make sure you only do 1 new thing or reduce 1 med at one time over 1 week, then the next week you can try something else new, so if he does reacts you know what its from…
    I’d be reducing the predisone as it sounds like it isnt helping him & might be making him worse..

    There’s Hills I/D Digestive Care Stews Chicken,Vegetables & Rice low fat can food this smells really good it smells like baby food.. another thing you can try is buy the tin Salmon in spring water small tins, drain all water & add 1/2 sweet potato put in air tight container in fridge & give small meal for lunch, dogs normally love fish…Sweet Potato soothes stomach & bowel & firms up poo..

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