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    Kathleen V

    We have an 11 month old Alaskan malamute. To keep a long story short at about 8 months old he was diagnosed with IBD from his vet and put on Science Diet Light for its higher fiber content. It helped, had better formed poop but never completely solid. It’s also been hard maintining his weight and growth. A breeder recommend Pro Plan Sport. Which doesn’t seem to agree with him either, But while in the transition process things looked promising. My question is, can you mix dog food brands? As it seemed the ingredients from both foods was working.Or is this a bad idea for a dog with IBD? Or could it be possible he just has a real sensitive stomach and needs a fiber supplement added to his food. I keep reading about pumpkin….

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    Hi Kathleen, when you say he was diagnosed with IBD did he have a Endoscope & Colonscope & biopsies done to be diagnosed with IBD?
    I was mixing my boys kibble with a Royal Canine Intestinal low fat & Earthborn Holistic Ocean Fusion…
    also have you tried a low fiber diet? my boy needs low fiber with his IBD…..Royal Canine Gastro Intestinal low fat has only 1.7% fiber & the Earthborn Ocean Fusion has 4%-fiber..
    Yes Pumkin is high in fiber my boy can only have about 1 teaspoon pumkin
    with a cooked meal….
    Sweet potatoes are higher in fiber then white/brown potatoes… sweet potatoes will keep the weight on…..
    Have you had the Salvia & hair testing done to see if he has Food sensitivities or done a food elimination diet with your boy??

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