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    Hav mom

    Has anyone fed their dog(s) I and Love and You dehydrated dog food? I am thinking of trying it for my dog. He is healhy and has always had dehydrated dog food since he had eye and itchy problems. Seems to have helped him. He was eating THK, but although an excellent food, it was too “gruel like and green” but he didn’t complain. I also tried various others, but I too find they are all using sweet potatoes and pea or pea flour. I a mas confused as everyone about the latest grain free and legumes food ingredients. I like to see a lot of meat chunks in the food and this ILY food shows it, and has a good rating. I want to rotate a bit and its so expensive for us, that is why I am asking. Do I rotate one a day? a meal? or aweek? what is the right way to rotate these foods. I anyone has fed their dog the I and Love and You Grain free dog food, please let me know if it is a good food for the dogs..M dog is a 19-20 # Havenese and has many poops each time he goes 2-3 time a day It doesn’t bother me. He gets probiotics and a digestive enzyme so I figure he is so healthy its ok.But, any information would be appreciated.

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