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    Just got a box of Iams ProActive Health small biscuits for my 7 yr old golden. She has been throwing up and sick for several days. I took her to the vet a couple of days ago and he gave her a anti nausea shot and some benadryl. They checked her out head to toe and said it was probably something she ate. This is the only thing that I have changed in her diet. I gave her a biscuit this morning and she immediately started throwing it up within 15 minutes. I quit giving her the biscuits after this morning and she is back to normal. I really believe these biscuits are tainted with Salmonella. There has not been a recall on these, but I since they are made in the same place where all the other Iams products are made and have been recalled, I think they are also contaminated.

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    Salmonella won’t make her throw up right after eating a biscuit.

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    Pattyvaughn is correct. The reason Salmonella-contaminated products get recalled is primarily because they can cause illness in humans who handle them and then become infected. It most likely would not make a dog sick at all, but definitely not in the way you described. Have you ever given these to your dog before? Maybe there is an ingredient that just doesn’t agree with her.

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