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    Plato treat and MOLD
    I hate that my fist post is so negative.
    I purchased Plato’s chicken pet treats last week. I opened it and found many of the pieces covered in mold. I call Pluto in California and spoke with Garth. He told me to email him a picture and I did. 3 days later I have not heard back from him.
    I did give my dog a piece or two before noticing many of the pieces did have mold. He did get sick. Only positive thing is he is young, and I am sure no long term harm was done. I am sure more harm would have been done if my dog was older, or sick.

    From googleing I know others have found mold on Plato’s treats. All I am looking for is for them to inform their customers, or just call me back. The package said it had a 4/2014 expiration date.

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