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    Sharon C

    I bought this soft food for my dog-chicken & beef recipe. Found out after but before feeding to my dog that it is made in Thailand. I contacted them & they insisted that lots of soft food for cats & dogs is now sourced from Thailand & that the meat & seafood quality standards are amazing, grass-fed, sustainably sourced & pasture raised & that they have strict manufacturing practices. What do you all think of that? I chose to get a refund.
    I also asked them about the canine canned food I feed like Cluckin good stew & Gobble it up stew. Looked on the case & cans for where manufactured & couldn’t find. They said the cans are manufactured in the US, but they don’t put that on the label as they get some ingredients from other countries like lamb from New Zealand & duck from France & that it is not a requirement to list this info on the cans, is that true?

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