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    Marijke L

    Hello I am a new member and was wondering if I can replace expensive (Royal Canin) Hypoallergenic dog food from my vet (high in protein) and help me suggest alternative natural dog for my lab sensitive stomach? His diagnosis was (colitis) and had trouble with digesting dog food which went right through his digestive tract. He was placed on Prednisone and weaned off it since one year ago. Looking for one or two ingredient quality dog food that would be available in Canada. Thank you!

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    Hi I don’t know if I can help but my dachshund puppy was sent home from the breeders on Royal Canin and I took one look at the ingredients and decided to change foods. It didn’t know what to switch to and after a lot of research and advice I switched him over a two week period to Acana Puppy & Junior and so far he has been fine on it, he gobbles it down fast and seems to like it. It is a Canadian brand and I liked the natural ingredients, fresh chicken etc he only thing that may cause a prob for your lab could be the oats but it is worth taking a look.
    Good luck

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    Lori E

    Hello, new member and looking for feedback on dog foods that have helped clear up allergy symptoms. We have a 5 yr rottie who has been experiencing chronic allergies for the past 2 years. Her eyes are puffy and have lost most of the hair around them due to rubbing with paws. Additional symptoms are excessive paw licking and what we have come to know as “fly catching syndrome” where she keeps biting in the air as if she is trying to catch a fly. After 2 years of doctors and specialists, we decided to try a holistic approach. Any feedback is welcome.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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