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    Jerry S

    I have a Siberian husky and an Alaskan malamute on Earthborn Holistic bison dog food for the last 2 years. Both dogs coats became fuller within a few months of trying this food and the malamute’s coat became much softer and still is to this day.
    Over the last 4 months, however, my husky (6 1/2) has begun to slowly develop bare spots on his hind legs and to a lesser degree on his sides. My vet noticed some matting near those areas and his skin was fairly dry and flaking but saw no other red flags. His blood work showed no issues. I brushed out the matted fur over the next couple weeks and bathed him with an anti-bacterial/anti-fungal shampoo as a precaution a week ago. His skin feels softer and doesn’t appear to be flaking anymore, but his coat is still dry in those areas. His coat has also lost some of its color over the last few months and has become dull on his rear legs. He has not been scratching at all.
    I was told by a dog food rep in Petsmart last week that dogs tend to build allergies to the same pet food over a period of about 2 years and suggested trying a different formula in the same brand. Is there some credibility in this?

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    Hi Jerry, yes the dog food rep is right, I would of had them on all the Earthborn grainfree flavours & rotated them, try the Costal Catch kibble, I give a different kibble for breakfast then another brand kibble for dinner…

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    I would take that one step further and rotate to different brands. Dogs can develop reactions to any ingredient that has protein in it, including the starch sources, and within a brand, they usually have almost every other ingredient in common and just change the protein source.

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