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    I purchased a 25 lb. bag of Orijen Adult dry kibble and there is no way we will use in a reasonable amount of time. The bag has not been opened. Is there anyway I can preserve it, i.e., freeze or use a food sealer and put in smaller bags? I know I can donate it but am trying to recoup the cost.
    Also, how much coconut oil would you add for 17-20 lb. dog. And, how much salmon oil to give?
    Lastly, can the salmon oil become rancid?
    Thank you for your advice!

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    Smaller bags, empty plastic coffee containers, in the freezer or fridg if you have room.
    Divide the dry dog food up, use a 1 week supply at a time.

    Yes, fish oil can go bad, keep in a cool dry place, but do not freeze. I just use a fish oil capsule per day for each dog, I nip the capsule with scissors and add it to the meal. I take the same stuff myself.

    I don’t go near coconut oil, too fatty (imo). You might find some helpful information here: http://skeptvet.com/Blog/2015/04/coconut-oil-for-pets/

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    At least divide the kibble in half and store in a cool, dry place in a tightly closed container. It should be okay.

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    Andrew B

    Keep the kibble in freezer in a small case or plastic bag so don’t get worse. About salmon oil you need to give only one cap per day to your dog and keep it in a cool place but not in the freezer.

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