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    Carol B

    Hi I am hoping someone can help me out. We have been feeding our dachshunds Dr. Harvey’s Canine “Miracle” dog food for several years. We only rotate between chicken and beef, so in the am they get beef, at night it’s chicken. We cook the meat ahead of time, package it in bags and freeze it. We also add the Health & Shine with the am feeding and used to add the Golden Years, but we have a range of 3 yrs to 15 yrs. now. We have one Senior that is having issues with his pancreas now. I have spoken with Dr. Harvey on more than one occasion to find out if “when you add your own protein” the mix is balanced and has all the minerals needed. I have yet to get a straight answer. I am reluctant to switch their food, but I also want to make sure they are eating a balanced diet. We are considering changing them to a dry food. Many years ago we used Honest Kitchen, it just became too expensive with 4 dogs. I welcome any comments or anyone who has experience with Dr. Harvey’s that might help us decide what to do to help keep our senior’s healthy. We were told we need a low-fat, but if we add the protein, how do you know what “low-fat” is?

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    I think using chicken breast and very lean ground beef will count as low fat. And since you cook the meat, you would be draining any extra fat off too.

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    How I’d view this ” I have yet to get a straight answer.” is that that is your answer, which means no they are not. I asked Dr. Harvey’s for the nutritional profile of their pre mix and the company said I needed to call for any information. It made me wonder why? Why won’t they put it in writing? I asked several questions and the company didn’t answer any of them.

    I can say that the information on the site gives me pause for concern and that this is not a company whose products I’d feel comfortable feeding.

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    Aspen A

    Hi, Carol, I am with Steve’s Real Food (a raw pet food company, so you have full disclosure). I just looked up the Miracle Dog food, but I am not seeing enough specifics about which grains and minerals are in it to speak to whether they are the best fit for your pet. If you are worried about the nutrition balance you may want to go to a frozen raw food, there are some great ones out there (Steve’s included) that do the math and nutrition for you, including the fat content, etc. Pork and beef are going to be higher in fat, if you are wanting low fat sticking to chicken and turkey is going to be best. What is wrong with your dog’s pancrease? Is it pancreatitis? Natural Dog Health Remedies.com (no affiliation) recommends Milk Thistle, Yarrow Root, Echinacea, dandelion, and probiotics, if that helps. I would not recommend switching them to dry food. It is so much harder on the stomach, and harder to digest, it makes them more thirsty, etc. If you are looking to improve their diet I would definitely recommend going to a more raw diet rather than a dry diet, that is just a step back, in my opinion.

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    Mieke v

    Hi Carol,

    We also had pancreatitis symptoms in our dog and Honest Kitchen Zeal really did the trick. He was symptom-free almost immediately. I would recommend to let the food sit about 10 minutes prior to serving (or make ahead and refrig.). We now do a rotation of HK Zeal, Wellness Core, and Merrick Grain-free Wilderness. Three months in and he still has no symptoms. There is a website that lists many of the dry and canned foods and the fat content. It also explains about the information given by the manufacturers and how to figure fat content. I can’t speak to its validity, but it was helpful in pointing us to low-fat, high protein foods. Here is the link: http://dogaware.com/articles/wdjlowfatdiets.html In addition to the HK, on our vet’s advice, we did 10 mg of Famotidine with each meal (our dog weighs 55 lbs) for 2 weeks. You can pick it up at any grocery or drug store. Of course, you’d want to check with your vet first to make sure there are no contra-indications and for the dosage. As you probably already know, fasting is a thing of the past with treatment for pancreatitis and several small meals a day for the first days is the current approach. Good luck! It is so hard – I did weeks of research and I am a research scientist by trade! I hope you find something that works well for your little one.

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    Mieke v

    Hi Again Carol,

    I meant to mention that the website I put in my last post has dehydrated foods and also covers raw and homemade. Thought it might be helpful to you since it helped me in determinations.

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