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    Martin G

    So i have a 11 week old German Rottweiler and he weights 21.5 pounds. I recently took him to the vet to get his shots and the vet told me even though he is only 11 weeks old for the structure he should be a lot heavier and also he just looked “too lean”. She then asked about his feeding schedule and the brands of the food I was feeding him. I told her he was eating purina one large breed puppy food and also every time i fed him I gave him 3 tablespoons of blue wilderness wet puppy food. I was feeding at the time 3 times a day. Now he has free range of dry food and 4 times a day I give him 6 tablespoons of wet food. Its now 1.5 weeks later and he is leaner than when i took him to the vet. I asked the breeder and she agreed with the vet. I’m thinking since he has free range of our 1 acre back yard and is running all day that is why he is lean OR the brand i am feeding. price point on food isnt a big deal the only reason why he is on purina is because that is what the breeder had him on. I was thinking blue wilderness dry food since he is eating the wet food already. Please help!!!

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    Orijen is the best (imo) Check Chewy.com. I would add a topper such as scrambled egg, lean cooked chopped chicken breast, broiled chopped chicken liver, a spoonful of tuna, cooked lean meat, etc. instead of the canned food and add a splash of warm water prior to serving.

    Store the Orijen in the freezer or fridg as it has no preservatives. Nutrisca is good as a base too.
    Try not to worry so much, he’s a puppy, they fill out more at 1 to 1 1/2 years old.

    PS: Do not free feed, not a good idea. Good info over here: http://skeptvet.com/Blog/category/nutrition/

    Also, use the search button at this site for more info. But, take it with a grain of salt.
    Dr Google is not always accurate. Another thing, some dogs are just naturally lean. I have a 10 pound dog that eats as much as my 20 pound dog, they are both healthy, active and fit.

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    Hi Martin G-

    I’m thinking that a German Rottweiler is a large breed, isn’t it? If he’ll be over 50 pounds, then yes.

    Here is a helpful article for keeping large breed pups joints healthy:

    It is important to keep them thin and lean. But, if your vet thinks he’s too thin, then he probably is because most vets prefer dogs on the lean side. So you can check the calories per cup on the bag and choose a food with higher calories, or just feed him more. You could even add more canned food to his meals as long as it is a complete and balanced recipe that you are adding.

    What a lucky puppy that gets to have an acre back yard to run in! Have fun and good luck!

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    Btw: If the dog is being left unattended outside, all bets are off. Most dogs love the taste of rabbit feces (loaded with bacteria and parasites)……it is everywhere in rural areas. And that is one of the more benign things I can think of.

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    Having free run of an acre may cause such a young puppy to over exercise, which can burn off too many calories and cause too much wear on growing joints.

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