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    Carol C

    I am now feeding Origen to my seven month old English Bulldog. He’s really done well on it, but I will quit using when I can’t get it from Canada.
    I have never rotated dog food before. Could someone please list the advantages of doing this. Also, when rotating, do you need to do it gradually even though they have had it in rotation?

    Thanks for any comments.

    Also wondering what former Origen lovers are now using.

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    Debra B

    Hi Carol,

    I’ve been rotating my dogs food for many years….about 20 years. I currently have four dogs, and rotate by the bag. So, when I have about 1/4 bag left I start mixing in the new food. I usually rotate between 3-6 different foods from different companies, but all are good quality. My dogs have been fit and healthy with no adverse reactions. They have no skin allergies or stomach upsets and never had these in past years. I believe that it creates a healthier immune system and better digestive system to allow a variety of foods. Best of luck in making the switch!…Debra

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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