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    Hello, I am wondering if anyone has used this food ? I just started my 13yr old cushings dog and my 10 yr old fat pom on this food. Hows the digestion going ? Also when rehydrating this food on the recommended 5 mins it still seems soupy is this normal ? Thanks for and advice on feeding this food I have added digestive enzymes as well Thanks

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    I usually soak food for several hours or overnight for the next day. I use other brands of dehydrated though.

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    it will all depend on your dog how he digests food, I know my IBD/Pancreatitis boy wouldn’t do well on Honest Kitchen, it’s high in calories over 370 Kcals per cup & it’s dehydrated, dehydrated seem harder to digest a few people have said their dogs pooed out the ingredients all un-digested….
    What beef formula are you feeding, the Hope or Verve formula?? I wouldn’t feed Chickpeas (Hope) as they are harder to digest & can cause gas, also barley & carots (Verve) are hard to digest as well, maybe these ingredients have been grounded down into a powder, that will help with digesting them..

    I think Pugmomsandy gave good advice, soak over night, then when you needed to feed i’d heat in a Micro wave or post a post asking for other brands that are dehydrated & need water added to rehydrate them but are more thicker like a cooked meal or wet tin foods are……
    a lady from one of the IBD face book group said the Honest Kitchen was too sloppy, her dog was pooing out un-digested veggies, a few people were feeding the Zeal the ingredients are easier to digest no carrots, chickpeas or barley, but the fat-8.5% in the Zeal, also you’ll have to email Honest Kitchen & ask is the fat& the max fat% ??

    Can you home cook instead for 1 of their daily meals & add the “Balance It” powder to balance the meal? https://secure.balanceit.com/
    I think home cooked meals & freezing them is better, this way you know what they’re eating, I just hate the cooking part once a fortnight…..

    Dr Judy Morgan has excellent easy to make healthy meals on you tube, she has about 8 dogs, a few of them have health problems, here’s one of her video’s a special pup loaf for her sick dog, she uses The Honest Kitchen Base mix Preference, she adds her own fresh ingredients to cook the pup loaves…

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    Im feeding the hope version for the last couple of days its the minimal version only 7 % fat he seems to be doing ok and his digestion is very good so far the digestive enzymes are helping alot. No bits and pieces yet but I have to say the transition has been very good for both of them. The whole purpose of going to the hope version is because its low fat to avoid possible cushings side effects they are much more predisposed to pancreatitis, diabetes, high cholesterol he already has super high liver enzymes and his kidneys are shrinking a little but holding on. I am just trying to hold off the inevitable end by making his organs work as easily as possible he is 13 yrs old. He’s supposed to be on a high moisture diet low fat,
    I think your ideas about home cooking and adding balance it would work really well for him I didnt know there was such a thing, I will check out the Dr Morgan videos too that might help alot.
    The Honest kitchen hope is what the lady at my local natural pet market feeds her cushings dog so I thought I would try it. Thanks for your response its been really helpful given me some more areas to look at its much appreciated.

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