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    Hello, does anyone use The Honest kitchen base mix Preference and how does it work for you ? I am thinking of switching my dogs over and adding my own meats anyones experience with this would be welcome thanks. I have a senior shih tzu with cushings and a overweight pom they are eating Fromm chicken ala veg with Weruva canned now Thanks again Susan

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    Hi Susan,
    I feed Preference to my allergy girl and she loves it-my other girl not so much so she eats it only as a topper. First, I would suggest that you give THK a call and have them send you some samples to try. In my situation, I did a slow transition over several weeks to make sure it agreed with her GI tract. Also, during the transition I gave her a teaspoon of plain kefir with each meal. THK has the Perfect Form and Pro Bloom goat’s milk that will help with the transition but I could not use either one because of her sensitivities to some of the ingredients. I also hydrate the food for a lot longer than the suggested time. At night I mix the food for the morning and let it hydrate overnight in the refrigerator, and then add the meat at the time I am ready to feed. In the morning, I then mix the food for her next meal. I personally feel the food digests better when it is hydrated longer. I fed the Kindly base mix prior to Preference, and I was only hydrating it for a few minutes and the longer hydration period seems to work better for Lucy.

    If you want any other information, just let me know.

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