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    Barbara W

    I feed Orijens kibble and mix Honest Kitchen in it. My dogs love it but I really want only grain free and not a lot of plant based protein. I read here that HK doesn’t get its protein from a lot of meat. Is there another raw preferably dehydrated that is grain free and high in meat rather than plants? I’ve seen Stella and Chewy and Primal but not sure if that is the best route. Is Honest Kitchen really good? It doesn’t seem to make the editors choice list.

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    The Editor’s Choice list can change and previously Honest Kitchen has been on it. Their Zeal formula is the one that is highest in protein currently. You might also want to check out Grandma Lucy’s Pureformance freeze dried food. It rehydrates well. There are other dehydrated foods like Only Natural Pet MaxMeat or ZiwiPeak but I don’t know how they hydrate. Stella and Chewy’s and Primal freeze dried seem to hydrate well (although I serve mine dry).

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    Pamela S

    I suggest you go to petflow.com You can chose grain free kibble and it pulls up the grain free it carries. Once you see your choices then you can go to this web site and review its ratings. I generally feed my dogs grain free, they currently are eating Orijen, Arcadia, Wellness Fish, Health Extension and Evo and Solid Gold.

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    All Orijen is grain free, so is Acana Singles. The Honest Kitchen has a few grain free formulas. It has for quite some time.

    As for freeze dried grain free foods there is Primal, Vital Essentials and I believe Nature’s Logic makes a grain free freeze dried food. I feed commercial frozen raw diet for my three but I do use freeze dried in a treat jar near the back door when calling them in. They consider it a reason to come flying into the house regardless of what they were up to outside. From time to time the only dehydrated food that I will use is The Honest Kitchen grain free fish formulas. Zeal is one and I believe they have just come out with one that has even less ingredients in it, I believe it’s called Brave (?) something like that. I just got an email about it last week or could have been this week. I don’t care for any of the other dehydrated foods that I’ve tried although Grandma Lucy’s is not bad.

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    I used to feed my Cavalier Ziwipeak when she was my only dog. She liked it, but it doesn’t rehydrate well at all. She ate it dry. It’s like little pieces of soft jerky.

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