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    Kevin R

    Hi all, I am looking to transition from kibble to a home cooked diet for my dog, but am having trouble locating a good book to do so. I have saw the books by Dr. Becker and Steve Brown, but judging by the reviews, it seems they may focus mainly on raw diets. There is another named “Feed your Best Friend Better: Easy, Nutritious Meals and Treats for Dogs,” that gets some good praise from http://www.dogaware.com. However, the author suggest the recipes be added to commercial food. I’m trying to find good, balanced recipes in order to avoid commercial food. That’s my whole point of doing this. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    Kevin R

    Thanks. Any other suggestions for homemade cooked diets?

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    Bobby dog

    Hi Kevin R:
    I recently downloaded a book of home cooked recipes by Susan Lauten, PhD. It includes grain inclusive and grain free adult maintenance recipes using human vitamins that are fully balanced to AAFCO requirements and NRC recommendations.

    She lists the sites where you can purchase the vitamins. Some I have purchased from drug or health food stores in the past. I made one recipe to use as an unbalanced topper to try out since I don’t have the supplements on hand. My dog enjoyed it very much. There are also a few treat recipes included:

    I currently use Balance IT Carnivore blend for making a few balanced home cooked meals per week. Their site has a free recipe generator and the fresh foods can easily be found at your grocery store. Very simple directions and easy to make:

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