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    Laura B

    I’m sorry, I had put this in the wrong place, previously!

    Hello, I just joined.
    My lab/pit has just turned 7. I have ALWAYS made his wet food (turkey, eggs/shells, fish oil, oatmeal) mixed with a grain-free dry (call of the wild).
    He battles with seasonal allergies, which in turn gives him trouble with yeast, due to compromised immune system. I have since stopped the oatmeal, his daily bone replaced with dehydrated chicken.
    I’m now looking to reformulate his food. I would also like to start phasing out the dry (even though it’s considered a decent brand, I don’t fully trust it).
    My dog has never liked a vegetable!! I need to start sneaking some in if I’m going to phase out the dry (which actually includes a fair amount of fruits and veggies).
    I’m looking for some suggestions, I had read that legumes might be ok, but also read that they may also feed yeast. Puréed kale might be undetectable!!
    Thank you,

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    When I started sneaking veggies into my dogs food I invested in a good blender. I am a fan of sneaking veggies into my homemade dog food as it provides an additional plethora of vitamins that meat can not provide.

    I normally feed him 1 large tablespoon per meal. My pup gets two meals a day.

    Here is an example of one of the smoothies I make. I rotate veggies every 3 weeks. This makes enough for 3 weeks

    large sweet squash roasted in the oven with extra virgin coconut oil- Squash has sweetness that sweetens up the veggie mix and most dogs like a little sweetness in their life.
    Organic raw apple
    Package of blueberries
    Spirulina- This is blue-green algea loaded with minerals and has naturally occurring salt
    Mother’s apple cider vinegar
    Fresh tumeric root
    Fresh ginger
    Some fresh parsley
    Alfalfa sprouts
    Pumpkin seeds
    Some organic supplement powder that covers any other vitamins I might be missing.

    It taste good to me. It has a hint of sweetness, a little bit of saltiness from the spriulina, and a wonderful coconut apple cider tumeric aroma.

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    Mary N

    I agree with cannoli, you should invest in a good blender! 🙂

    And it is a great idea to mix in coconut oil well within the mix so that in case your dog doesn’t like it can still enjoy its benefits 🙂

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    Hi Mary N,

    You and I think so much alike. We are kindred spirits

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