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    Tammy K

    Hi I’m new here and looking for advice? I gave a 3 yr old staffy iv fed her a few different foods like blue buffalo, Halo to name a couple. But she eats her own poop! So I turned to home made for her and it’s much better. But would live some support ona supplement To add in?thank you!

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    Please see my comments
    Example /forums/topic/coprophagia-poop-eating-advice/#post-94786

    Per the search engine /forums/search/coprophagia/

    Hope this helps

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    Patricia A

    Tammy curious of her schedule for relieving herself? I imagine she isn’t walked since she wouldn’t get the chance. If she’s a puppy then I understand that she’s going maybe a few times a day maybe n the house and you can’t catch her. Usually by the time their adults they go usually two times a day and can be walked sometime after eating.
    My dogs go in our backyard. I have a pail and pooper scooper. One of them also ate her poo and the other ones. I finally solved the problem. I would stand outside and as soon as she went I would get her attention with a “Tia NO” and immediently pick it up. Same after the other one went. I NEVER again gave her the chance to even once eat the poo. Consistency was the key. After awhile she knew I was right there and would start to just walk away and look guilty. Awhile after that she just stopped trying without even looking for me. I kept this up a few months and habit was broken. Takes time and patience but it was worth it. No more poo breath either.

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    Hi Tammy, it is great that you started making meals at home for your girl. I decided to do the same many years ago, but I am still learning something new every day. I’ve found this quick diet course that might be helpful for you; https://peterdobias.com/pages/course-rawdiet This vet also has good quality supplements, and an article explaining why dogs tend to eat poop; https://peterdobias.com/blogs/blog/5-most-common-reasons-why-dogs-eat-feces Hope this helps.

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