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    Hav mom

    I was recommended to the Dr.Peter Dobias Holistic site to look at what he was advocating for the dogs. He has quite
    a lot of information and healthy tips also. I am interested in his feeding plan for your dog, natural. My dog now is
    eating dehydrated foods and he loves them, is healthy but yes, not enough meat to see.( THK) I do supplement him with
    Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes. This holistic vet explains all the items he has and what for and how to use. I am
    thinking of making a change, but he recommends a 4 bottle (all different) and I want to firstly finish the products I now
    am using and secondly getting some input from members who have used this site. He does have a “dog tool” for you to
    use to input information and then he recommends what your dog can use as supplements if needed. The food
    section is also interesting. Simple food to make and serve fresh to your dog from every day food items. Anyway, appreciate any input from members so I can make a decision. I thought good food was enough, but evidently they are not really lputting enough of what the dog needs in supplements in the dog food, so so the site explains. Appreciate any information anyone has . thanks for viewing.

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