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    Brad M

    Just wondering what everyone’s (including editors) thoughts are on the Himalayan Mountain Chews before I spend the money on them (pretty expensive). Supposedly they last a while and dogs love them. I ask because I can’t find something that my dog will chew regularly. I’ve tried everything from elk and moose antlers to the hard plastic-y type chews and she looses interest almost immediately…even tried boiling the elk antler in chicken broth. She was the best puppy, literally only chewed one thing she wasn’t supposed to, but I’m concerned that if she’s not chewing SOMETHING it may affect her teeth. She’s a 50 lb. sheppard mix. Any and all ideas or comments are welcome 🙂

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    I get my small and medium dogs the large chews and they last a good while. Actually, my small dog eats them faster than my bigger dogs.

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    Hi Brad,

    The Nut actually started a thread about Himalayan Chews a short time ago.

    Take a look here: /forums/topic/himalayan-dog-chews/, for lots of thoughts about them!

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    These and antlers scare me. I envision broken teeth, foreign body blockages, and choking.Some of my dogs are aggressive cheers and others gulped.

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    Vicky S

    I have a Small Schipperke 14lbs, she’s always been an aggressive chewer, she used to chew Bully sticks daily. Well this summer she quit and I wasn’t sure why? Had her at the vets and couldn’t really see much damage without putting her to sleep to look at her mouth, although he did see a lot of chipped teeth. Needless to say 2 weeks ago, I bought her a Himalayan chew, she loved it. I heard some pops and she broke one tooth off in the middle and the nerve was exposed, I just had that tooth pulled yesterday and her teeth cleaned, he (vet) said she had 8-9 chipped teeth, he recommended no hard chews for her, so that’s my chewing experience. I wanted her to have a good life with no tooth problems.

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    Brad M

    Thanks for the input everyone! I think I’ll buy one and see what she thinks of it as I’m still searching for something that she loves. Since she’s not a real hard chewer, I doubt she’ll do much damage to it, I just want it to kind of clean her teeth you know. Kind of a funny tangent, she hardly uses her feet to hold things when she chews. She’ll just rest it on the ground and gnaw on it with her head sideways…silly dog.

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    Brandelyn N

    My Frenchie absolutely loves them and they hold his interest longer than even bone marrow! We don’t want to be without them now:) Highly recommend.

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