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    Hill’s has removed certain cans of their Science Diet Food. Wondering why it hadn’t appeared anywhere here yet so I thought I’d post the info. If you click on the link you can see which formulas.

    Voluntary Withdrawal Hill’s Science Diet Canned Pet Food

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    Mike Sagman

    Hi Dori,

    As a matter of policy, I never publish any recall announcement unless it can be officially confirmed.

    Since this particular event has not (yet) been posted by the FDA and cannot be verified by the company (over the weekend), I had to personally travel to a PetSmart retail store to capture a photograph of the announcement.

    I then had to manually convert the photographic lot information to HTML text format, write and format the article, share it on Facebook and write and broadcast an email for our subscribers. So, sorry for the delay.

    Here’s a link to our article:


    Hope this helps.

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    Hi Mike,
    Thank you for going to all the trouble to do so. I knew it wouldn’t appear in the Dog Food Recall area because it’s not a recall. I just thought that anyone that feeds that particular line should be made aware that something was up. Especially troubling at the time was that no one knew why. I noticed today that there is a “rep” from Hill’s saying it was an issue with the labels on the can but that same “rep” said that Hill’s has never had a recall in their entire history. I linked the 2014 Hill’s Science Diet recall for your Dog Food Recall are for that rep.

    Again, thanks for going out of your way to verify that something was up. I should have guessed that you were already on it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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