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    Kelley H

    I worked for a veterinarian for 24 years and all he really recommended was Hill’s pet food. Purina was second but Hill’s was it. Hill’s is getting harder to find AND prices are going up while the bags are getting smaller!!! Not happy. WHAT WOULD B COMPARABLE?? My dogs have never eaten anything but Hill’s of some type and my barn cats have Feline AIDS and must eat the best food to stay healthy. Already tried switching to purina and they got very sick. Help??

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    Susan W

    I really like VeRUS Pet Foods. I get it auto-shipped from PetFlow so I don’t have to worry about forgetting to pick it up at the store. They stay on top of nutritional requirements & they’ve never had a recall.
    There’s a contact form you can fill out on their website where they’ll send you free samples so you can try it first. They have both dog food and cat food. I got started feeding it because of their free samples.

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    Jenn H

    Always contact a company first to find out who designs their diets. Ideally they should have a vet nutritionist on staff. At the very least they should have one who they consult and developes the diet.
    I had considered them, but being a plant-based protein food I didn’t try it. My dogs don’t do well unless the food has “significant amount of meat”.
    When I was looking into them, the site makes no mention of consulting a board certified vet nutritionist. It’s another brand that goes on & on about all the other stuff we want to hear. Like where it’s made and all that. Sure that’s important, but it doesn’t matter if the diet isn’t created by someone who actually knows what they are doing and not just making food that is good enough for AAFCO standards.

    Not saying if the food is good or bad. Just saying that it is smart to ask if they hire a board certified vet nutritionist to formulate and oversee the process and make sure the recipe is followed properly.

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    Robert J

    I have two mixed girls, part border col/aust she, from same litter that are 14. That have had a continuous all day and night buffet of Fromms Gold Senior (Dry). One never gains weight but the other has always been overweight. and now it is effecting her movement. The Vet has sold Hills Prescription Diet r/d (wet) for weight loss. When we try to order it on line then say we need a script from a Vet. Is this true? Also, can anyone suggest a better alternative for weight loss? Thanks

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    Susan W

    Robert, I offer the same advice to you as I did above. Google VeRUS pet foods. Check out their website then fill out their contact form. They will give some great information and great advice and you will likely end up with a (their) great dog food.

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