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    Christine P

    Hi all,

    I will be getting a Labradoodle puppy in August and am looking for suggestions for a hiqh quality kibble or canned food, or can I use both? Originally, I was planning to go with Acana or Oriijen kibble but now I’m reading there have been some issues with their food since Champion moved to Kentucky Eventually, I will transition to a more raw diet (or make my own). Heard Ziwi is a good canned food but expensive. Thank you.

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    You’ll want a large breed foo more than anything. From Large Breed puppy, canidae large breed, or wellness core puppy are allformulated correctly for large breed puppies.
    You can do canned of course but I’m not 100% sure there are canned foods for large breed puppies. So whatever you do use I would make it less than 1/3 of the dogs diet.
    As far as canned food goes I like weruva, natures variety, wellness core, and merrick. And yes ziti peak is horribly expensive. You’d be better off just cooking meat and using that as a topper then buying ziwi.

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