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    tracey s

    Please help me, I’m not as smart as you guys, I’ve searched the homemade and don’t feel I can understand how to do the supplements and everything to not harm my dog. I’ve also searched dry dog food that had at least a little meat in it and can only find 20% protein which is still too high, the other foods are full of junk, please help me find something to feed him.

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    Prescription food/therapeutic diet under the guidance of your veterinarian is how I would proceed.
    Increase fluids, add water to kibble and presoak kibble.
    Retest in a month or two or however your vet recommends.
    A lot of bogus information on the internet, don’t be fooled.

    Some science based veterinary medicine information here that you may find helpful

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    Hi Tracey,
    Why does he need low protein diet?? are you on facebook go onto “Judy Morgan DVM” F/B page https://www.facebook.com/JudyMorganDVM/ click on her “Videos” there’s a few, she has very easy to make meals & you can also send her a msg if you have any questions…
    Judy & her Husband who you’ll see cooking in her video’s has a few dogs & most of them have health problems, she makes a special meals for her 16yr old dog named Scout, he has Pancreatitis & I think Kidney problems.. Have you gone onto “Honest Kitchen” site? Honest Kitchen has base formula’s & you just add your own meat & it has the rest & is balanced, I’d be using Chicken & Turkey as these meats are lower in fat & easy to digest meat proteins….
    Also look up “Balance It” they have recipes for certain health problems & sell Balance It to Balance the meals, Judy Morgan also has a site & sells supplements to baKibble is very hard to digest even when its pre soaked in water, at the end of the day it’s still proccess crap in a bag no matter how much money you pay….

    You’re on the right track cooking for your dog & dont stress about balancing meals, when my boy was real ill with his IBD his vet said to me Susan Patch will be OK if his meals aren’t balance for 2 months, I was stressing cause he was just eating lean turkey mince with 1 whisked egg some chopped parsley made into 1/2 cup size rissole balls baked in the oven & I was boiling Sweet Potato & adding about 2 spoons sweet potato & you can freeze the meals as well it ends up being real easy & healthier cooking meals, it’s just like cooking for yourself & we don’t balance every single meal….
    Sometimes these supplements vitamins/minerals etc can make the dog sick, I believe you get all your nutrition from eating healthy foods, I don’t balance any of Patches meals & he has a beautiful shinny coat & looks very healthy for a 9yr old dog, I do feed the can Tuna or Salmon is Spring water maybe 2 to 3 times a week with boiled potato then he gets other lean meats….

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