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    Cynthia C

    My vet put my Cairn Terrier on Hills Advanced Diet canned food which he absolutely hates! He constantly begs and had to be on steroids due to paw irritations- which of course made him heavier! Another vet told me to put him on a regular food high in protein & low in fat with a caloric content of 250 -350 per can & feed as if he were 20 lbs (he is 27 lbs & should weigh around 22). Help!!

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Hi Cynthia –

    Coincidentally I just finished a unit up on obesity in my pathophysiology class. We were discussing that Cairn Terriers are one of the breeds predisposed to weight gain and my professor was telling us he has a Cairn Terrier that needs to lose 10 lbs – so your at least your little guy is doing better than his lol

    Unfortunately, many of the better quality canned food options are also higher in fat.

    I’m not sure exactly which fat levels your vet has you shooting food but here are a few canned options that are fairly high in protein and that have <20% fat (dry matter):

    1. Weruva Human Style (every flavor but Steak Frites)
    2. Tiki Dog (all)
    3. Addiction (Brushtail, Venison, Salmon)
    4. Wellness CORE Weight Management
    5. Whole Earth Farms (Beef Stew, Red Meat Recipe)
    6. Ol’ Roy Healthy Mix Tubs
    7. Wysong Stews in Gravy
    7. Lotus (Pork Shoulder Stew, Beef Shank Stew)

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    Marietta B

    I was also going to suggest the Weruva or Tiki dog. They’re both very high protein and very low fat. Plus, dogs go crazy for the stuff.

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    Cynthia C

    Thanks for the good recommendation! I tried both Evanger & Weruva & my little guy has had a tummy ache & diarrhea since then! But I took the guys advice that worked in the pet store & just gave it to Tucker! Since then I have had to go back to the dirt food- put some baked chicken in- & he is getting better. In the meantime I read some 27 really concerning complaints about the Evanger brand. Now I’m concerned about giving him the Weruva too because I think the worse reaction came from that. Should I start over & add a little at a time to the diet food? He really loved both the Evanger & the Weruva! Any suggestions?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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