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    Christina E

    I have a 7 year old female miniature schnauzer who recently had bladder stone removal surgery. The stone analysis showed that they were composed 100% of calcium oxalate. The vet, of course, recommended that she be put on a “prescription” diet, but I think that food is just awful! Plus, there is no guarantee that even eating that food will prevent the stones from coming back 100%, so why have her eat it? I am looking for a high protein, low carb dog food. I know that most kibble is high in carbohydrates so I want to stay away from that. I am looking for a good canned food (low oxalate) or frozen/freeze dried food commercially available. A lot of the foods seem to have sweet potatoes, which are a high oxalate food, along with carrots. Besides home cooking, which I really don’t want to do since I’m not good in the kitchen, I want to make sure she gets feed a biologically complete food. Thanks!

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    Simply Nourish, Weruva, or Merrick

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    I would start with 5 star rated foods and glance through the ingredients, most of them are high in protein

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    Peggy T

    If you’re worried about the stones returning, you might try cranberries. They will dissolve stones, and keep them from returning. It works for people.

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    Nancy C

    Victors makes a high protein low carb food – 17% carbs – 42% protein. Can’t remem the name. I think it’s GMO free too. go to their site, you can’t miss it. Good luck.

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    Marietta B

    Ziwipeak air dried is high protein and low carbs and no sweet potatoes. It’s basically just meat. Dogs go nuts for it.

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    Johnnie W

    Have you checked out Stella and Chewy’s dog food? We have a new puppy and that is what we have her on-the dehydrated chicken.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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