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    Roci L

    Hi I’m new here and I have 2 – 6 month old puppies that are heeler/ lab mix. One looks like a heeler and the other looks like a lab. My more heeler looking one has had diarrhea on and off since we got them.. They’ve been to the vet, on and off meds and the vet has no idea what it is… the past couple of days I’ve been giving her pumpkin in her food and it’s help a lot. Should I switch to a higher fiber? grain free food? Right now they are on Bil-jac chicken and rice.. Also, should I get them away from chicken? Thanks!

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    There is no bad side to trying different foods. You may find that your dog does better on some foods than others, and that should be expected. There is no such thing as a perfect dog food and since all dogs are different, some do better on some foods and not on others.

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    Hi, you have to work out what is causing the diarrhoea, I did an Elimination diet & found potatoes caused bad diarrhoea & itchy skin, sweet potatoes caused itchy ears, peas caused bad wind gas farts, boiled white rice caused very sloppy poos but he can eat grounded white rice in kibbles…. try an limited ingredient kibble best a low fat kibble if you don’t want to cook or you can use the vet diets for just 2-3 months wait till her poos are firm on the vet diet, then add 1 new food to the vet diet, say a little boiled chicken then increase daily, just to see is its chicken, if after 1 week if there’s no diarrhoea then its not chicken, then add boiled potatoes the first day don’t add too much, add about 1 spoon potatoe then next day add 1-2 spoons boiled potatoes, look at the ingredients in the kibble your feeding & add some of the ingredients….with the fiber there’s crude fiber, soluble fiber, insoluble fiber, & total dietary fiber, soluble fiber slows down the food going thru stomach & bowel… my boys food goes thru real quick, he cant eat something 9am & poo it out 5pm, that’s quick, so he needs more soluble fiber, where crude & insoluble fiber he needs less…that’s why vet diets are good cause they are formulated for health problems, I have him on Vet Diet Eukanuba Intestinal low residue kibble it has 1.70% crude fiber less fiber….. when its the small bowel with the problem you need less fiber, when its their large bowel with the problem you need more fiber… I also have to feed low fat kibbles & wet as high fat diets go thru him…. in time you’ll start to work it all out, but gee it does your head in but after 1 year with nice firm poos is good & no waking up early hours to let the dog out cause he has diarrhoea, he may have irritable bowel, like we get if we eat something that doesn’t agree with us…..also Tylan helps diarrhoea, but put in empty capsules as its very bitter & taste awful & can put dogs off their food, I was putting 1/8 spoon in a empty capsule & giving with breakfast feed & last feed for the day…. poos were beautiful but I had found out what was causing his diarrhoea first, so I knew what foods to avoid… I used the Tylan for his Helicobacter infection that wont go away, if the Diarrhoea doesn’t stop after elimination diets or vet diets then you may need to have an Endoscope + Biopsies done, just to see that he doesn’t have Helicobacter or something else that is causing the diarrhoea…

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