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    Donna G B

    I have a fur senior that has so many allergies. Main: Egg, Beef, Potatoes (both white and sweet) shellfish and tomatoes. He’s 13 years old and I give him shots. I didn’t go into boarder line, like rice and a few others. Trees, weeds, bugs etc. He smelled like yeast most of the time and had spots of little red bumps that itched horrible. So, he was put on z/d dry and canned. I HATE SCIENCE DIET but I give it to him because I was to scared to try anything else. Well, I’m not anymore: How about his z/d dry and for canned: Wellness 95% meat: Chicken, Lamb, Turkey, Salmon etc. Home cooked mixed vegetables and cooked oatmeal? I don’t know how to give him the right amounts but he is also on “Snip It’s” and I put him on Vetri Science Canine Plus Senior” do any of you think this would work? Not one thing he is allergic to. I hope you answer me. Thank You \: Donna from Iowa.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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