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    My yorkie is suppose to get 149 calories for 6 lbs. his 12.5 oz of canned wellness chicken stew has 320 calories in a can. If I feed this alone,how much would this be in ounces or in cups?

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    5.8 oz.

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    That seems like a lot of food. How did u figure it?

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    There are 320 calories in the 12.5 oz. can, so 1 oz. is 25.6 calories.
    320 / 12.5 = 25.6

    Your dog needs 149 calories.
    149 / 25.6 = 5.82

    TheNaturalDog is right, your dog needs 5.8 oz.

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    GizmoMom, thank you for doing the math for me XP

    Yep, if your doggie needs 149 calories, then 5.8oz would be right. Just be sure he gets dental chews and (if possible) regular teeth-brushing, as canned food builds up on teeth really fast.

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    Also, that’s probably 5.8oz for the whole day, not one meal.

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