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    Michelle K

    I have a 4 year border collie/lab mix that has medical issues since I adopted her. She had a bad case of kennel cough when she was a pup but we got that cured. Then she got a broken leg, countless episodes of ear infections and sensitive stomach issues. We switched her to TOTW because the vet said to use a grain free for her sensitive stomach. She has been on that for 3 yeras. On and off she has got a bad case of vomitting which we end up putting her on meds and rice/chicken for a coupke of days. The past month we have noticed that she will eat grass and throw up bile so the vet said that she probably has acid reflux and to put her on an antacid. Now this past week she has been throwing up again. We did the chicken/rice and meds then put her slowly back on her food. As soon as she went back on her food, she threw up again. Today she is back on chicken/rice – which she LOVES! No problems at all with acid reflux or vomitting. I am thinking that maybe her chronic ear infections is caused by the food too.

    I need to find a new dog food and the vet wants to put her on a RX Hill’s but I am a firm believer that we can treat her with a different kind of food or even make our own. I am going to see a holistic vet but I am wondering if anyone else has experienced these same issues with this dog food or has some advice on a different kind of food to try or making our own.

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    Hi Michelle, I’ve been going through the same thing for about 1 year now, finally had a Endoscope & Biopsies done, I thought Patch had an ulcer but thru biopsies they found Helicobacter-Pylori infection & IBD (Food Intolerances).. Patch was treated with antibiotics Metronidazole Amoxicillin & Zantac for 3 weeks, The Helicobacter is very hard to get rid of & Patch suffers bad acid reflux when the Helicobacter come back. I’m picking up a script today for Losec (omeprazole) cause the Zantac isn’t working anymore…

    Low fat diet makes a big difference…You need to find a low fat foods….Fat makes the acid reflux worse, if you can feed a cooked diet is best…try & stay away from kibbles, I found kibbles can make the acid reflux worse so what I do cause I can’t find a real low fat wet tin food with 2% fat & under, I soak his limited ingredient low fat-10% kibble in water then when the kibble is swollen, I drain the water very well then I put thru a blender mini processor & the kibble comes like wet tin food & I have the low 10% fat & I’ve been cooking, I buy Extra lean beef ground mince & add blended broccoli, celery, carrot with the mince then bake in the oven, I make mini meat loaves or get to know the good low fat grounded mince hardly any fat will come out while the meat loaf or rissoles are baking..
    About 2 months ago I went thru a animal Naturopath & she said Patch needs to heal his stomach & get the stomach pH back at 1%… Patch was put on a low fat raw Kangaroo mince & blended broccoli celery, carrot & apple, 2 spoons to 1 cup of the kangaroo mince + Digestive Enzymes + Probiotic, the raw worked excellent then he started regurgitating the raw, water kept coming up into his mouth causing real sore throat from the acid coming up into his mouth… he also regurgitates the cooked meat if its real dry sometimes.. soaked kibble seems to work the best for Patch….also I give liquid Mylanta 3mls when I see him swallowing & uncomfortable with his acid reflux the Mylanta helps straight away…

    Good-Luck, I hope lowing the fat works for your boy, my boy is a rescue & I’d say he was left untreated for tooo long, I got him at the age of 4..

    Have a looked at the “Canine Caviar Special Needs” the fat is 9%min the protein is low but you can add your own meat toppers if the kibble works.. another good one is the “California Natural Lamb & Rice” it has just 4 ingredients fat is about may know another low fat limited ingredient kibble but less ingredients are best, less food to cause the acid reflux… with Patch we are finding he has food sensitivities as well that irritate the stomach then the bowel…The Taste of wild wet & dry is too high in fat % the lowest I found was 15%min fat so max % would be around 17%.. I always email the kibble company & asked what is the max% with the fat & they normally email me back….

    Try a new lower fat diet first & ant acid meds then if new diet and ant acid meds don’t work, have the endoscope & biopsies done, that’s what I did…

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    Hi, I was just looking at a site called “New Concepts in pet health” & I found this about “California Natural Lamb & Rice” go to the 8th paragraph..

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