Help! Should I stop feeding my dog Blue Buffalo???

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    Karen L

    I have been feeding my 10 year old Golden Retriever Blue Buffalo for many years and she has done very well on it. She is currently on the BB Wilderness Chicken Receipt Healthy Weight formula (both the dry AND the canned). However, recently I have been hearing so many terrible reviews about the food- poor ingredients, mislabeling- and in particular this summer, mostly July 2015, there have been horror stories about dogs (including other dogs who have been eating BB for years) becoming violently ill immediately upon opening a new bag of BB. It is as if the manufacturing or recipes have suddenly changed. I don’t know if I should immediately switch to a new food and am worried about opening the new bag which I just bought a week ago and is sitting in the closet. Suggestions? Thoughts? Are these stories true??

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    Jack M

    If you are not sure I would take it back and start a different food , we tried be on our old dog and after one serving he got very sick , went on to a different food

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    Amy P

    Hi, I came to this forum looking for information about other dogs who may have gotten sick on Blue Buffalo food. I have 2-schnauzers and a boston terrier who have been eating Blue Buffalo Salmon recipe for a little over a year. We got a new bag last week and my older schnauzer has been sick the past two days. The boston vomited about 2-hours after eating yesterday. My dogs are indiscriminate eaters, so until my younger schnauzer turned up his noes and refused the food last night, I assumed the other two had gotten into something in the yard. Now I think it is the food. I am going to return it.

    Dogs are eating rice and pumpkin today.

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