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    Lorenza S

    I have been giving our dog Lotus brand grain free kibble mixed with Merrick’s canned grain free for the last year with really no difference in the amount of eye gunk. It comes and it goes…. but in the last month I have been going over to Darwin’s natural selection raw also mixed in with Lotus kibble in place of the Merrick’s grain free canned food. Our dog now has gunk almost always and now has a little hot spot between his toes. This month has been a real change for the worse and I cannot tell if it’s due to the change over to Darwin’s Raw. It seems to be illogical that Darwin’s is the reason. Could it be just that it is summer and more humid and more pollen? Also, is Darwin’s worth all the expense and trouble? And is it better than Stella and Chewy’s frozen raw patties? A lot of questions here so I’m grateful for any answers that you can give me….

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    Lorenza: I can’t say for sure but I will tell you that I have a dog who had recurrent ear infections. I now think it was due more to environment, pollen, spring, etc than food. While talking to my holistic vet about going raw, she suggested no fruits or veggies. So, I feed ground raw that I get from Hare Today and Reel Raw.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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