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    My dogs love Ollie and PetPlate (I feed them both because they like the variation in recipes). I also feed them raw when I have time.

    I’m going to Canada for vacation and I can’t bring raw into Canada, and I can only bring some Ollie / PetPlate. Does anyone know what the best pet food in Canada is?

    My dogs have done absolutely amazing on Ollie and PetPlate with some raw. One used to have so many stomach issues and the other is so picky. Both eat and are much healthier now. I’m worried that when I go to Canada and run out of Ollie my dogs will starve themselves… Everything I am finding online is canned and I don’t want them to get sick in Canada from eating canned food with all those chemicals and preservatives

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    Hi Ellies Parents,
    why dont you feed them home made raw diet when you get to Canada? go & buy the same ingreients in Canada if you can.
    Go onto “Rodney Habib” facebook page he lives in Canada & has a Dog Shop, ask him, Dr Karen Becker or people that follow Rodney might be from Canada aswell & they’ll point you in the right direction, but if you make home made raw now then make the same raw diets while you’re in Canada & make enough for the amount of time you’ll be there & freeze small meals, that’s if your staying with friends….
    Try & stick with the same diet your feeding now especially if you have a dog with Stomach poblems, the stress of traveling might upset the dogs, so try & keep their routine the same if possible…

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