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    OK, so my fiance and I have been raising our pup Luna, who is a german sheppard/huskie mix. She is now 4 months old, and we have had her since she was 8 weeks. Feeding her has been a nightmare since day one. We started her out on Blue Buffalo Freedom for puppies and it caused tons of diarrhea issues. The vet chalked it up to various puppy parasites and such, and we she went on a boiled chicken and rice bland diet for a week to see how she did. She managed OK, but her ears were still red and she seemed to be a bit itchy. We started to reintroduce the kibble very slowly, but the moment we get to 75% kibble, she would go right back to the diarrhea. I brought it up to our vet again, she gave me a probiotic, claiming that perhaps all the meds she was on to rid her of puppy parasites, messed with her digestion bacteria. So, day 2 on the probiotic she is having the worst diarrhea she’s ever had. Finally I had enough and at the suggestion of a friend who had a similar problem, switched her to Blue Buffalo Wilderness for puppies. Within 24 hours of eating a mix of bland diet with the Wilderness food, she was having solid droppings that seemed to be healthy and normal. Again, during the transition, once we got to about 90% kibble, nothing but diarrhea again, red ears, itchy skin. Currently I am taking the advice of my sister’s vet, and we put her on a bland diet of boiled ground beef and rice (since all her food up until this point was chicken based). She is doing well on the ground beef, her ears don’t seem nearly as bad, but we need to find a food to transition her to that will not give her tons of tummy problems. I have heard many similar stories regarding this reaction to the holistic type dog foods. However, I also don’t want to be giving her shitty dog food. My sister’s vet recommended finding a Lamb and Rice based food because Lamb is supposed to me a bit more mild on their stomachs. So my grand questions is: What is a decent type of dog food, that is Lamb and Rice based, and isn’t too holistic? I welcome any suggestions on this matter as well! I am tired of cleaning up dog soup!!!! HELPPP!!!!!!!!!

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    If you had read much on the reviews, you would see that a LOT of people have had dogs with diarrhea issues on BB foods. Look for NutriSource. It is a good solid 4 star food that most find easy to transition to. If your dog has a food intolerance issue, you are going to need to nail down what she is sensitive to, so you can avoid it. Good luck!

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    Hi, I will suggest you to feed your dog “Pinnacle Holistic Trout & Sweet Potato Dog Food”. It is a dry food which is made with trout and sweet potatoes. It eliminates common allergies.

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