HELP! My dog is getting diarrhea raw food!!

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    melanie C

    My dog is approx 60# a pit bull chocolate lab mix. He was doing great on raw beef pre-made diet. I made the decision move to pre-made when he started having diarrhea from raw chicken. He was getting skinny when just eating about a pound and a half of the premade raw beef formula diet, so I added all organic with access to outdoors chicken, about a half pound chicken each day. Under the assumption that chicken with skin has enough fat to help gain weight. By the way, I feed two times daily half in am and half pm… He was doing great for two days. By day three we are having diarrhea and horrible smelling farts. Ahhh! Ideas? I’ve switched him back to just the beef, as I think I’ve pegged his tummy troubles to the chicken. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks everyone we are new here, made account because this is urgent

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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