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    melissa d

    After spending several hundred dollars with numerous vets and a ton of meds that only work temporarily, I think my dog may suffer from yeast issues. He is a 6 year old chocolate lab with extra large ears. The yellowish thick discharge was only in his right ear for years. But in the last few months, his skin under his collar looks and smells yeasty and sometimes he loses hair around his eyes.

    I’ve tried most of the higher end grain free brands but I always go back to Purina One due to VERY stinky gas issues and loose stools. Any food suggestions I should consider?

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    Hi Melissa,
    definitely sounds like your boy has Food Sensitivities that is casuing yeasty skin & ears & bowel problems when he eats them, also can be Environment Allergies if his eyes are watering & he rubs his eyes, he’d feel very uncomfortable & itchy, now the hard part working out what ingredients he’s sensitive too that’s causing his yeasty ears & skin, once you work out which ingredients are causing his yeasty skin & ears the yeast will stop, I did an elimination food diet & carrots were causing Patches yeasty ears as soon as I stopped adding the carrots to his meal he stopped shaking his ears/head…
    Have you tried “Taste Of The Wild” Sierra Mountain Roasted Lamb or TOTW Pacific Stream Smoked Salmon formula? these TOTW formula’s were the 2 grainfree kibble that helped my boy IBD & Food Sensitivities, then his yeasty skin went away, another grain Free kibble that worked for my boys IBD was”Canidae” Pure Wild Boar, these formula’s only have 1 meat protein with limited ingredients…
    You need to find a kibble that helps his stomach & bowel (No gas & sloppy poos) like the Purina One works then hopefully the new kibble will help clear his yeasty ears & skin…

    Look for a grain free formula that has Limited Ingredients, that is around 25% in Protein, Fat around 15% & fiber-4% & under not too high for fiber…
    Some high end grain free kibbles are way too high in Protein & Fat % also the Kcals per cup are too high causing stomach/bowel problems, stay around 360Kcals per cup & under….
    Look at the ingredients in the Purina One & try & avoid these ingredients as your dog is sensitive to either 1 or a few ingredients making his ears yeasty, the Purina One helps with his sensitive bowel but like my boy when he eats the Hills Sensitive Stomach formula he reacts & gets yeasty smelly skin & paws…..
    Start bathing him weekly in “Malaseb” medicated shampoo, the Malaseb killls any yeast & bacteria on his skin & relieves any itchy skin leaving his skin & coat moist & soft…
    There will be an kibble out there that he isnt sensitive too & helps his stomach, bowel & stops his yeasty ears you just haven’t found it yet… also have you tried “Natural Balance” LTD Sweet Potato & Bison or the Potato & Duck or Sweet Potato & Fish formula these N/B formula’s help dogs with stomach/bowel problems & have skin problems aswell, these N/B formula’s have NO peas, No chickpeas or No Lentils as these ingredients can cause gas, bad farts, sloppy poo’s & diarrhea….
    Keep a diary & start writing down what brand kibbles your feeding & try & avoid any kibbles taht have chicken just incase he is sensitive to chicken…..also look at the ingredients & protein % in the high end grain free brands you’ve feed, was there any common ingredients that might of been causing his gas & sloppy poos, alot of these new grain free kibbles use Lentils & Chickpeas now, alot of dogs with IBS symptoms can not eat these ingredients causes bad gas & diarrhea.

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    There is a very simple skin test/scraping your vet can do that will confirm or rule out yeast/parasites.
    It only takes a minute.
    My dog has had the same issues as you described and the test was negative. However she does have environmental allergies and has had positive results by seeing a veterinary dermatologist.
    I would consider Purina Pro Plan Focus for sensitive skin and stomach as I have heard good things about it.
    I would avoid potatoes of all kinds as that seems to work for one of my dogs. I have heard others say so too.
    Good luck.

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    Excerpt below, in response to a comment about allergies (click on link for full articles and comments). Hope this helps
    skeptvet says:
    February 27, 2018 at 8:51 am
    The problem with the concept of “boosting” the immune system is that allergies are actually an excessive and inappropriate immune system reaction. That’s why most of the medications that help actually reduce inflammation and other immune system activities. Recurrent secondary infections are typically overgrowth of normal skin flora caused by damage to the normal defenses on the skin caused by inflammation, scratching, and other symtpoms of the underlying allergy. One of the most effective treatments is often desensitizing the immune system with immunotherapy (aka “allergy shots”). But hopefully this has been explained by the dermatologists. Have you seen the guidelines from the international canine allergy group of treatments for environmental allergies in dogs?

    Evidence-Based Canine Allergy Treatment

    Evidence-Based Canine Allergy Treatment

    Evidence Update- Evidence-based Canine Allergy Treatment

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    Anon 101,
    a dog only reacts to potatoes IF HE IS SENSITIVE TO POTATOES, Potatoes & other starchy carbs rice, oats, tapioca, etc DO NOT cause yeast in dogs,…..

    First you posted that your poodle reacted to potatoes & had Bad diarrhea, now its your terrier that reacts potatoes, if your going to lie about something make sure you remember which dog you’ve lied about…..

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