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    Dang, I posted once and it didn’t show up so here goes again! I don’t know what to do!!! I have 3 dogs (12, 7 and 8 mos) and up until about a month ago, we gave all of them Iams. Then a friend talked about how much his dog loved Beneful, so I switched. Thankfully only for a few weeks till my older dog started eating poopsicles ouside. I did research and discovered how bad Beneful was. I also discovered Iams wasn’t much better so switched to Wellness. My one dog wouldn’t eat it and the others were disinterested. I also researched it after and found a whole thread about the problems this food caused people’s dogs! Did more research and switched to Kirkland. I noticed right away the adult food smells really strong and yucky. I went back and switched it for another bag which still has a weird smell but not so bad or else I’m getting used to it. Then I came on here and looked at the thread under Kirkland and there are tons of people saying it made their dogs sick, etc!! UGH!!!! Before my recent research, I ignorantly and blissfully fed my dogs Iams and now I am in a constant state of panic about them getting sick and wondering if i should switch off Kirkland now even though it got a 4 star rating!!!!

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    p.s. I tried to post this in “dog food ingredients” but every time I signed in and clicked on it, it would sign me out. So if moderator wants to move this there, that’s ok.

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    My best suggestion is to go to all the pet stores that are available to you and write down the names of all the dog foods that are available, then come back and start checking on them. Cross them off your list if they are not rated high enough right away, then start looking at the individual reviews of the ones that are left. Don’t limit yourself to just one food though. It is healthier for your dog if you rotate foods. Pick a few and feed each one for a while, then switch to the next one on your keeper list. If you find one your dogs don’t do well on, cross it off your list.

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    We have been feeding our Yellow Lab Kirkland adult food for almost a year. She will not eat the new bag we just bought. The expire date is 29/Jan/2014 so it appears to be realitively new. Is it possible Costco has a bad batch floating around?
    Anyone else experienced this with Kirkland food?

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