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    Our 1 yr old Bernese Mtn Dog has been eating Turkey, Duck, Chicken, Beef & Lamb version of Primal complete formula for 6 months. We rotate after each bag to a different protein source – over the last 2 months, he has stopped eating each version. He is hungry but passes his bowl as if it has poison. Started avoiding fowl, now beef and finally lamb. We were adding fish oil to help with his coat but stopped doing that thinking it may have something to do with it. Currently back on cooked chicken and rice since that is all he will eat. Is it the raw food or the Primal? Should we try a different brand or try kibble? He is plenty active and behaving normal in every other way.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Hi Robbster –

    My advice would be to try a different brand and mix in a little green tripe. Raw green tripe would be best, but if you can’t get raw Tripett makes a canned version. Green tripe has a very strong odor that people find disgusting, but dogs go nuts for it. You could also try warming the food slightly (add a little hot water). I’d see if that works, if it doesn’t you may need to start trying other types of food – cooked, dehydrated, etc.

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    +1 on the tripe. I used the Tripett with some warm water for my picky puppy and he wolfed his food down like no tomorrow when previously he wouldn’t touch it.

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